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Luisa Puppo and Umberto Curti

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Luisa Puppo is the co-owner of Welcome Management, a marketing and training consultancy firm for the tourism, enogastronomy and retail sectors.

Born in Genoa, on Women's Day 2018, she was appointed as one of the Honorary Ambassadors of the City of Genoa by Mayor Marco Bucci.

She is the President of Genova World, a cultural association of professionals.

As a senior consultant (project designer, project coordinator, AE trainer), she collaborates with Universities, VET centres, SME organizations, consortia, Chambers of Commerce and other local authorities. She has 25-year experience in SME development plans and regional development projects, as well as European Social Fund, Lifelong Learning Programme and EU territorial cooperation frameworks.

Expertise areas include SME marketing, Business English-related micro languages, and cross-cultural communication.

Luisa Puppo is also an expert in the varied facets of destination management/branding (focus on rural areas) and special-interest tourism offers (e.g., art & culture, active & sports, food&wine).

A Gourmet English lecturer, translator and blogger, she is one of the editors of Ligucibario® (, a website dedicated to Mediterranean enogastronomy, culture and traditions. She also edits the LiguriabyLuisa blog (English).



Umberto Curti specialises in tourism and food and wine sustainability. Co-founder (2001) of Welcome Management, one of the most consolidated consultancy companies in the sector, he holds (with Luisa Puppo) the 'Experiential Travel Laboratory' at the University of Genoa's Imperia Campus (Economics department, Tourism Science course). As a profound connoisseur of Ligurian and Mediterranean biodiversity, the creator of the Ligucibario® platform, the most extensive and exhaustive online "alphabet of taste" dedicated to Ligurian ethnogastronomy. Included in the Teachers/Experts Register of Promos Italia, he is the scientific director of the GenovaWorld Cultural Association, which includes among its members 2 Honorary Ambassadors of Genoa in the World.

He curates the CiboLibro column on the Berio Civic Library's Facebook page. He has organised (or participated in) as a lecturer countless events, gustincontri, and master classes.

He is an honorary member of the 'R. Aiolfi' association in Savona.

A prolific essayist, almost twenty volumes have been published to date. He also collaborates with the magazines LiguriaFood and Pigmenti Cultura. In 2020, he donated the Curti-Puppo book fund to the Berio Civic Library, with around 3,000 volumes on the theme of the city and the region at the complete disposal of students, researchers, chefs, and food bloggers.

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